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If it's hard to write tests then alarm bells should ring

For a while I was struggling to write tests/specs for the most complex class in

The class’s job was to find and select quiz questions for a quiz based on what question categories they wanted, how difficult they should be and what questions would suit where they’re from. So there was a lot of possible outcomes that needed test coverage.

On several occasions I wrote and rewrote the tests I needed. They worked. But they never felt right.

Be aware of what you’re feeling. If a test doesn’t feel right, stop.

It was taking too much effort, too many lines of code to set up the object I was testing into the required state.

After tyring to figure out how to write better tests I read that a couple of people like Zach Dennis and Pat Maddox were saying

“If its hard to test its a good sign that you need to refactor your code”

This sent me on the right path but I didn’t know the best way to go about refactoring either so I bought a book and found what I needed to sort out that class and write better tests:

When your tests are right you’ll know it

When I went back to redo those tests again I had one of those aha moments. They were easy to write.